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تطوير آفاق الصيدلة:
تلازم التعليم والممارسة والبحث العلمي

The 19th Congress of the Association
of Pharmacy Colleges in the Arab World

The International Conference
of the School of Pharmacy

Lebanese International University
October 18 - 20th, 2016


Prof. Joseph Saseen PharmD, BCPS, BCACP
Dr. Saseen is a professor at the University Of Colorado Schools of Pharmacy andMedicine, vice chair of the department of clinical pharmacy and program director of thePGY2 Ambulatory Care/Family Medicine pharmacy residency. He is a clinical lipidspecialist from the Accreditation Council of Clinical Lipidology. He has a record ofawards, numerous publications, and research projects contribution.
Dr. Pierre Moreau BPharm, PhD
Dr. Moreau obtained his BPharm from Université de Montréal, where he receivedtraining in cardiovascular pharmacology, along with that from Bern University Hospital,Switzerland. Dr. Moreau was nominated Dean in early 2007. In 2014, he joined theFaculty of Pharmacy at Kuwait University, as the third Dean, with an aim to bringpharmacy education to North American standards and developing pharmaceuticalresearch.
Dr. Sudaxshina Murdan BPharm, PhD, CertEd, MRPharmS, FHEA
Dr. Murdan is a reader in pharmaceutics in UCL School of Pharmacy. She is a registeredpharmacist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and has a PhD degreefrom the school of pharmacy at the University of London. She has performed anextensive research in drug delivery and vaccine delivery, along with receiving a patentfor methods of producing micro particles.
Dr. Abdulrazaq S. Al-Jazairi PharmD, MBA, FCCP, BCPS (AQ-Cardiology)
Dr. Al-Jazairi is a clinical pharmacy consultant in cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, andthe Director of the Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy Specialty Residency Program atKing Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. He is a board certifiedpharmacotherapy specialist with cardiology added-qualification and holds a master’sdegree in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business.
Dr. Abdel Nasser Badawi Ibrahim Singab BPharm, MSc, PhD
Dr. Singab is a professor of pharmacognosy and the Dean of the School of Pharmacy,Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He is specialized in research on medicinal herbs andbotanical investigation for drug discovery using contemporary analysis methods. He isthe founder of the project "Centre for Drug Discovery and Research Development” in2013.
Prof. Moustafa Fahmy BPharm, MSc, PhD
Dr. Fahmy is a professor of medicinal chemistry and the Dean of Oman PharmacyInstitute since 2007. He is the head of continuing professional development programfor pharmacists and assistant pharmacists, and the regional advisor for developingpharmacy education. He chairs the pharmacy sector committee for the health vision2050 in Oman. He is interested in pharmaceutical care, policies, education andcompetency development.
Dr. Diana Malaeb PharmD, MSc
Dr. Malaeb is the Chair of the PharmD Department at the School of Pharmacy at LIU,where she contributed to the establishment of the PharmD program. She haspublished in many international peer-reviewed journals, and had oral presentationsand scientific posters in fields of epidemiology, public health, clinical and communitypharmacy presented at both local and international conferences.


Dr. Pascale Salameh PharmD, MPH, PhD
Dr. Salameh is the associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Pharmacy atLAU and the Chair of the Scientific Committee at the OPL. She is an academic professorwith a teaching experience in several institutions, and an expert in research direction.She has numerous international publications in peer-reviewed journals, and hundredsof oral presentations and scientific posters.
Dr. Sara Padidar MSc, PhD
Dr. Padidar is the “Head of Department for Pharmacy” in Southern Africa NazareneUniversity. She has a PhD degree from the School of Medicine and Therapeutics at theUniversity of Aberdeen. She is a research scientist, nutritionist and a pharmacist, withover 10 years of work experience. Her passion in nutrition has led her to complete herdoctorate in this field and complete the African Nutrition Leadership Programme.
Dr. Soula Kyriacos BPharm, PhD
Dr. Kyriacos earned her PhD degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the University OfMontreal, Canada in 1997 after her BPharm in 1992. She was an associate professor ofpharmaceutics and founding Chair of the department of pharmaceutical sciences at theSchool of Pharmacy at LAU. She joined Pharmaline in 2010 as R&D manager, and herteam successfully designed several generic products for both local and export markets.
Dr. Faraj Saade BPharm, PharmD, BCPS
Dr. Saade is a clinical associate professor at the School of Pharmacy at LIU since 2005,where he teaches pharmacology courses. He is a board certified pharmacotherapyspecialist and member of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists. He has abroad clinical experience in cardiology through a community pharmacy and adispensary where he is on the front line to serve the patients of his community.
Dr. Jihan Safwan BPharm, PharmD
Dr. Safwan is a clinical assistant professor at the School of Pharmacy at LIU and anAmerican Society of Health System Pharmacists member. She has attended multiplenational and international conferences, where she presented accredited lectures andscientific posters. Her role as both, a professor and a health care professional, has givenher a broad clinical experience to play an active and effective role in the community.
Dr. Nisreen Mourad BPharm, PharmD
Dr. Mourad is a clinical assistant professor since 2011 at the School of Pharmacy at LIU,where she has earned her BPharm and PharmD degrees. Currently, she is appointed asthe Pharmacy Practice Experience I coordinator. She teaches various courses amongwhich are pharmacotherapeutics and practice experience. She has presented in bothlocal and international conferences in multiple fields of pharmacy and health careeducation.
Dr. Mariam Dabbous BPharm, PharmD
Dr. Dabbous is a clinical assistant professor at the School of Pharmacy at LIU since 2011and currently is the coordinator of the Pharmacy Practice Experience II. She teaches anumber of courses including pharmacotherapeutics of hematology and oncology. Shehas contributed to research through many publications with active research on theassessment of anti-emesis protocols used at Lebanese hospitals.


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